Westport has a great opportunity on Nov. 5 to elect, the strongest duo for first and second selectmen in the town's history.

Westport has been moving along year to year with inadequate attention paid to controlling taxes, restraining spending and properly maintaining our infrastructure. We need the beaches, marinas and golf course in wonderful condition and our schools to continue their outstanding performance while maintaining fiscal discipline. We need leadership with real world experience in both financial management and operations management.

We have a great team.

Jim Marpe:

Nearly 10 years on the Board of Education, he served as interim chairman and vice chairman from 2007-2012. He has demonstrated strength of character with deep commitment and understanding of our educational assets.

A retired senior partner of Accenture, he understands complex issues in the private and public sectors and how to manage teams of professionals to improve operations and performance. He would bring real managerial expertise to town hall, which is sorely needed.

Avi Kaner:

As chairman of the Board of Finance and a member of that board for eight years he has aggressively pursued waste and inefficiency in our town's budget while supporting education. As a business owner he would bring increased discipline to the budgeting and expenditure of our tax dollars.

I have known both men and their families for several years.

They are the best we have ever positioned for election to the top offices in Westport.

Vincent R. Petrecca