To the Editor:

The mainstream media is manipulating the American people with their one-sided editorials. In addition, journalists acting as moderators are participating in the devious process of manipulation.

In the first Trump v. Clinton debate, moderator Lester Holt interrupted Mr. Trump when he [Trump] mentioned the “stop and frisk” policy used by the New York City Police Department.

Mr. Holt participated in fact-checking Mr. Trump’s “stop and frisk” statement with his comment that it was unconstitutional. The job of any moderator is to ask the question, set the length of time a candidate has to answer, and say nothing more. The candidates do the talking — not the moderator.

By interrupting Mr. Trump, Holt engaged in unethical journalism. In fact, it is not journalism at all and Mr. Holt of all people should know that. He blatantly overstepped his role as moderator and that was a disgrace.

His fact-checking interruption favored Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton even repeated Mr. Holt’s “stop and frisk” interruption later on in the debate. He did not fulfill his role as an independent moderator; he acted as if he was on Mrs. Clinton’s payroll.

The mainstream media did not dwell on Mr. Holt’s dishonorable behavior during the debate. Time will pass by and it will be completely forgotten, almost as if it never happened in the first place. CNN and the New York Times editorial page are obviously pro-Clinton. In an article written by Conrad Black in the New York Sun on Oct. 11, Mr. Black wrote: “It was generally assumed that past comments of Mr. Trump’s would be extracted and deafeningly amplified by the uniformly hostile press led by CNN (Clinton News Network) and the (Never Yes to Trump) New York Times, news outlets incapable of a fleeting moment of impartiality.” — Well written by Mr. Black.

The good news is that the American people have taken notice of how the mainstream media is manipulating the public. I believe the people will continue to scrutinize the media and speak out for the sake of the country. Freedom of the press is not optional it is a necessity.

Michael Treadwell