Chemical warfare

claimed a loved one

My uncle, Oliver Brenden, died as a result of mustard gas used in the battle of Meuse-Argonne during World War I.

He returned to his farm home near Hillsboro, N.D., between Fargo and Grand Forks. He received little medical care and spent two years, mostly in a small bedroom in our farm house, which had no modern conveniences. He could not help his dad or his brothers with the harvest. He became very thin and had little energy.

He died at age 30 and was buried at the small St. Olaf Lutheran Church, near Taft, N.D.

The Hillsboro American Legion gave his mother a folded American flag. Four soldiers fired a gun salute over his grave.

His mother and father, my uncles and my mother Clara Brenden Aasen never forgot Oliver Brenden.

Our family knows about chemical warfare.

Larry Aasen