Friday night (June 15), I saw the Westport Community Theatre's marvelous production of Stephen Sondheim's classic musical "Company." I would go just to hear the score sung, but this production had virtues beyond just doing the music justice. The actor who played Robert understood that this show is supposed to be all about Bobby and made the interactions with his many married friends an educational process. At the end, his is more a subtle shift in the direction of his life rather than an epiphany

The production uses the device of a large bed in the middle of what is an in-the-round theater, the space transformed creatively for this production. The interactions and adjustments to this rather large prop are handled smoothly and do not distract from the flow.

The actor playing Bobby was front and center, as well he should be (what a voice!), but the entire cast worked wonderfully well as an ensemble. I urge any fan of Sondheim musicals not to miss this one.

Marianne Seggerman