On May 15, the Westport Library held its 16th annual gala, "BOOKED for the evening," where the Westport Library Award was presented to Nile Rodgers, Grammy Award-winning musician, composer, arranger, producer, philanthropist and writer. Co-founder and lead guitarist of the ground-breaking funk band Chic, his collaborators have included Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. Most recently he won three Grammys in 2014 for his work with the musical group Daft Punk.

The Westport Library Award was established to honor those whose work reflects the purpose of the Library -- to nurture the love of learning and enhance our understanding of the world. Proceeds from this event enable the Library to provide outstanding programs and resources and to offer the entire community a chance to come together, exchange information and hatch new ideas.

The event was an overwhelming success and we thank our generous sponsors for supporting the Library's signature fundraiser. A complete list of sponsor names can be found at westportlibrary.org in the support section. We are very grateful to our Benefit Committee for their outreach and participation. We thank Lux Bond and Green for generously donating and engraving the award presented to Nile Rodgers.

We also thank the dedicated and determined BOOKED committee, which includes Martha Aasen, Stacy Bass, Theanne Feldman, Julia Genser, Anne Hardy, Lucy Johnson, Melissa Kane, Maggie Mudd, Tracey Narang, Nina Sankovitch, Tricia Schwartz, and Diane Sembrot; our library director Maxine Bleiweis and the entire library staff; and the 410 attendees this year for making the 16th annual event an overwhelming success.

We'd also like to express our deep appreciation to the incredible support and enthusiasm of this community. We should all feel proud to live in a town that supports the library and the intellectual curiosity it inspires.

We look forward to seeing you at BOOKED for the evening next year.

Candice Savin, Wendy Brown


BOOKED for the evening