In my years as a local office holder, state representative and state senator, I have seen a lot of candidates and campaigns; some great and some not so great. However, I have rarely seen a more qualified ticket or better run campaign for selectmen than the slate of Jim Marpe and Avi Kaner. Westporters have taken notice and are responding positively to Jim and Avi's vision and message.

Westporter's are astute and discerning professionals. They want highly qualified and experienced management professionals running their town. Jim and Avi bring their combined 50 years of senior management experience with Accenture, Booze Allen and Morton.

Wesporters are also committed to their community and volunteer countless hours to helping others. Jim and Avi are also doers and givers. They continually contribute their time and resources to a multiplicity of town community organizations.

Jim and Avi have chaired the boards of education and finance respectively. In addition to providing great leadership, they did it in a bi-partisan, consensus-building manner. Jim and Avi are known as caring, open and responsive local public servants who always have the best interest of Westport at heart.

In most campaigns there comes a time when one can sense a "momentum shift". Independents, Democrats and Republicans, are telling me that they are looking for the most qualified team to lead their town and they're voting for Jim Marpe and Avi Kaner. In my view, this is a wise choice.

State Sen.Toni Boucher

R-26th District