As we move into the last weeks of the election season, citizens have an opportunity to take nventory of state and federal leadership and make a determination of who is most capable of leading. As a state representative, Gail Lavielle has exhibited decisive and prudent decision-making in the General Assembly.

Gail was a member of the budget-writing team that proposed a no-tax-increase budget in 2011 and no-tax-increase mid-term budget adjustments in 2012. In addition, Gail played a key role in passing legislation to create the "Learn Here, Live Program," which allows recent college and vocational school graduates to set aside a portion of their state income tax liability for a future down payment on a first home in Connecticut.

On a personal level, we have watched Gail provide the kind of positive example and mentorship to our daughter, Jacqueline, as well as so many other students across the state.

When the time comes to decide on the next Connecticut leaders, we must look to those who have made positive impacts on our community. In the last two years, Gail has made the kind of contributions to the state that we need, and I trust that she would do the same in her next term.

Michael Devine