We learned last week that Connecticut's unemployment rate is now 9 percent. s shocking and as horrible as this number is, it should not be a surprise. After all, legislators in Hartford spent the past year doing exactly what should not be done to fix an economy -- raise taxes and add to the regulatory burden.

Gail Lavielle is one of the few legislators who understands this. As our state representative, she has been an outspoken force for economic sanity. She stood against efforts to raise taxes and increase spending. Instead, Gail has consistently offered reasonable alternatives. Gail has more than 20 years in the private sector, which gives her a unique understanding of how the budget process can and should work.

With 9 percent of our fellow residents out of work, the stakes could not be higher. Let's reelect Gail Lavielle so she can continue the good fight.

Gail Hanny