Two reasons why Gail Lavielle deserves to be re-elected: 1) Connecticut's unemployment rate now stands at a shocking 9 percent; and 2) a study by the University of Connecticut concludes that unless we make some serious changes, we won't recover all of the jobs lost during the recession until 2018.

Gail Lavielle understands that the key to job creation is a strong business climate, spurred on by low taxes and reasonable regulations. Rep. Lavielle has been a leader in fighting to restore Connecticut's battered business climate. She worked to pass a budget that included no new taxes, and opposed business-killers, including mandatory paid leave.

If we are serious about turning around our state's economy, we need to elect smart, serious legislators. Gail Lavielle has proven to be among the finest, and having worked so dilligently, she deserves to be re-elected.

Frank Dunn