The Westport P.A.L Memorial Day Float Committee, wants to express its sincere thanks to the following for all their help:

Kowalsky Bros.: For the use of its trailer and garage, and Kenny Lozyniak for his great workmanship in putting it all together.

Anthony's Nursery and Garden Center: For all the flowering bushes and trees that beautified our float.

P.A.L director of youth sports: Carmen Roda for all his support and help.

The P.A.L coaches: For coming through with the many children to represent P.A.L athletics.

The P.A.L kids: For showing up. In addition, doing a wonderful job carrying the pole banner, cheering, passing out flags,and holding signs. You are all the best.

Bill Vornkohl: For all his work preparing for this event and his understanding and patience with the many questions. Thanks Bill.

Butche's Ironworks: For making our support "T" bars.

Ms. Diamant: For loaning us her basketball hoop; it was a perfect fit.

Wirth & Son Plumbing: For making and donating the fantastic goal post.

Last of all, Donnie at Gway Printing: For all the meetings, measurements and changes that went into making our banners.

We thank you all and look forward to the 2014 float featuring our 65th P.A.L anniversary.

Pamela Wirth, chairman

P.A.L. Float Committee