Letter: Klein lauded for kind words about Kasich

Woody Klein, who is an outstanding journalist, really knocked me off my feet with his article in the Aug. 14 edition of the Westport News.

Woody, who is a self proclaimed voting independent usually takes the side of the liberal cause. In fact, this is the first time i have ever seen an article by him that extolls the virtues of a Republican candidate. To be a Republican and get Woody to say you are good and decent requires an act of god.

To my way of thinking this is a seismic shift away from the liberal agenda for Woody, or he just thinks Gov. Kasich is the best man in the crowd of many.

I am just assuming here that Woody has finally seen the light of day and he has grabbed his mental rudder and steering his views more toward the conservative viewpoint. He has also picked a worthy man to become the Republican standard-bearer.

Woody, job well done.

Tom Bloch