Karen Kleine is an outstanding candidate for Westport's Board of Education. For the past 14 years, she has tirelessly volunteered her time at our schools, Temple Israel and our public library.

At our schools, Karen started her volunteer work by running many PTA functions. Her execution and proficiency in the many roles were respected and admired by her peers and culminated in her being elected president of both Kings Highway Elementary and Coleytown Middle School PTAs. She enjoyed and excelled in those roles.

Her volunteer efforts at Temple Israel included chairing the Youth Committee and serving on the Religious School Committee for many years. She was also co-chairman of the search committee for the temple's new youth director.

At the Westport Library, Karen was instrumental in Harry Potter parties when books were released, the Haunted Library and "Hunger Games" events.

Karen has lived in Westport for 14 years with her husband, Joe, and children Suzanne, Sarah and Dan. She cares about our community and has dedicated her efforts to bettering the educational experience of our children, whether through their public school experience, religious experience or enriching their library experience. Please vote for Karen Kleine for Board of Education.

Michelle Wiles