Westport is fortunate to have a Board of Education chairman as thoughtful and hardworking as Elaine Whitney. She is passionate advocate for Westport's students and she has well earned another term on the Board of Education.

I served with Elaine on the Board of Education and observed first hand her integrity, leadership and intellect. She consistently places the highest priority on collaboration and communication with her fellow board members as well as with the broader school community. Her financial skills are keen and under her leadership the board has demonstrated prudent financial stewardship of town resources while delivering a first class education to our students.

Above all, I am impressed with Elaine's work ethic. She is goal oriented; she works hard and pays attention to important details. At board meetings she was always prepared, and ready to tackle any challenging issue. Her running mate is Brett Aronow, a former PTA leader and a known champion of the Westport schools. Please join me by voting for both Elaine Whitney and Brett Aronow on Nov. 5.

Faith Taylor