Avi Kaner is running for second selectman with Jim Marpe, the Republican candidate for first selectman, to manage Westport for the next four years. I have known Avi Kaner for more than two decades and have seen what a responsible and giving person he is with respect to his family, the Town and community organizations.

With Avi and Jim at the helm Westport would be in good hands. When considering a ticket, voters should closely look at the qualifications of the person running for second selectman. Is the person seasoned in town affairs? Does he or she have the right background and leadership skills? Is the candidate really ready to step up to run the town if necessary?

With Avi's qualifications -- management consultant, owner of a major NYC business and chairman of the Board of Finance -- there are no "readiness" concerns. Avi in his own right would be an excellent candidate for first selectman, which is a good litmus test when evaluating candidates for second selectman.

In addition to being qualified to fill the first selectman's shoes, the second selectman also serves as an important everyday advisor to the first selectman. Having been on the Board of Finance for eight years, Avi has been involved with most every major decision made in town. His deep financial experience combined with that of Jim Marpe means that Westport would have a strong leadership team in Marpe/Kaner that's ready to take over from day one.

Ron Offir