I am writing in support of Melissa Kane for second selectman in the upcoming election. I have lived in this town since 1999, and I believe Melissa is the right person for our next administration.

For the last four years, I have known Melissa both in a professional and personal capacity. First and foremost, Melissa is a very positive person. The intelligence and energy that she brings to the table motivates those around her, and it helps get things done. I have seen this time and time again on projects in conjunction with the Green Village Initiative, such as building and establishing Wakeman Town Farm, implementing the town farm in Bridgeport, Connecticut, supporting the plastic bag ban in Westport, and the myriad educational initiatives and lecture series that she has promoted in Westport and our adjoining towns.

I have seen the work that she's done with her small independent business in Westport and the work that she does is beautiful.

She is civic minded, dedicated, focused, careful, organized, smart and caring. Her excellent sense of humor is helpful in bringing together people with varying viewpoints. This is both refreshing and critically important. I am confident that she would manage the issues that concern our town more than competently.

Please vote for Melissa Kane and Helen Garten in the upcoming election.

Louis Weinberg