Thank you good Westporters for helping a downed bicycler!

This a letter of thanks to the many kind people, and especially to one in particular, who came to the aid of a downed bicycler near 55 Greens Farms Road on Sunday, June 7.

It was a hard fall; I was knocked unconscious and bleeding from the head. Being blessed with amnesia of the actual fall, the events that followed I learned from my two good friends who I was biking with.

While it is no surprise that my two biking buddies stopped and called 911 for an ambulance, there were also several joggers who stopped, including one woman who got down on the ground and held my head until the ambulance arrived. The revelation that a complete stranger was offering me such personal support and comfort is truly heartwarming; whoever you are: thank you so very much for your kindness!

Thanks also to Westport EMS medics John and Michelle who attended to me transported me to Norwalk Hospital. Thanks to Dr. Jason Fischel and the ER staff at Norwalk Hospital for their excellent care. Thanks also to the folks at Cycle Dynamics in Westport who sold me a Giro helmet, and to the folks at Giro who designed the bicycle helmet. According to my orthopedist, were it not for wearing a bicycle helmet the likely outcome of this crash would have been either death or a permanent traumatic brain injury. As it is, the \doctors indicated I should make a full recovery from a broken collarbone, lacerations, abrasions and a concussion. Considering the alternatives, I consider myself very lucky.

There were also many people in cars who stopped and offered their assistance. Thank you, kind Westporters! What a great town and what great people!

Warmest regards,

Doug Boothroyd