I am writing in response Thomas J. Kalb's letter "Seniors not entitled to local housing subsidy" that appeared in the January 9 "Letters to the editor."

While his ideas do represent one point of view, and one with which I don't particularly agree, there is at least one fact that he doesn't seem to grasp.

Being a nonprofit entity does not imply "working for free," as he suggests. In my various careers, I have worked for two nonprofit corporations and one nonprofit part of a profit-making company. I can assure you that all employees and officers of such corporations do receive salaries, the company pays rent and other typical expenses.

The only difference is that a nonprofit does not return a portion of its income to its shareholders. Instead the directors are focused on meeting the mission of the organization, which is other than making a profit. I think it is very appropriate for a nonprofit corporation, or town agency, to be focused on meeting the needs of seniors in its care, rather than on returning profits to shareholders.

Joel Hallas