Recently, I heard an unexpected knock on the door, and my first thought was that is was another salesman. But when I opened the door it was Ted Hoffstatter -- the fiscal conservative I see on so many lawn signs in the Cranbury section of Norwalk. I have never been one for politics, so it was eye-opening to see this gentleman out campaigning on foot meeting town folk in real time, face to face.

From speaking to him on my doorstep, I believe this man is out to do great things for D-143, considering he's already done so for the community here in Norwalk, as well as the town of Wilton, where he is a three-term selectman. He has contributed to the minds of our youth as a teacher and is endorsed by the Connecticut Education Association. I volunteer for his campaign and will vote for Mr. Hoffstatter for state representative of District 143. I encourage you to as well.

Domonik Boehmer