To the Editor:

The entire Connecticut congressional delegation with one exception has informed their constituents before the election how they will vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, also known as TPP. This vote will come before Congress in the near future.

The one exception is Rep. Jim Himes. As recently as the Stamford debate, he repeated several times that he has not decided yet on how he will vote on TPP. Why is he taking so long?

Rep. Himes is withholding his decision on TPP from his constituents until after the election. At the same time he is asking those same constituents to reelect him. Rep. Himes is being disingenuous.

I challenge the congressman to join the rest of the Connecticut delegation and at least make a decision on the TPP vote prior to the election and not after it. Will he meet the challenge or play it safe and insure his own re-election first?

Michael Treadwell