I write in support of Republican state Rep. Gail Lavielle's bid for re-election in the 143rd District and of Republican Steve Rubin's candidacy for state representative in the 136th District. Gail has earned our respect for her good work in Hartford, and Steve has a long record of ably serving the Westport community in many public roles.

Connecticut has had a Democratically controlled legislature for decades, and the poor results are obvious to even the casual observer. Connecticut is in a sorry state of affairs. Despite their good intentions, Democratic legislative leaders have shown a lack of effective stewardship, bestowed unsustainable concessions upon public unions, created ineffective taxing policies, and engaged in remarkably short term economic thinking. The results have depressed our economy, closed businesses, and created the largest per capita state debt in the nation. Some economic watch-dog groups assert that our state's economy is in worse shape than California's. We need more Republicans in office, like Gail and Steve, whose fiscally conservative and socially responsible advocacy will install new leadership to turn the state's economy around. Please send State Representative Gail Lavielle and Candidate Steve Rubin to Hartford for the next legislative term.

Ken Bernhard