We are fortunate to live in the Compo Commons community, -- one of the few in Westport that still had power soon after Hurricane Sandy and no storm damage. We are also an area that happily hosts 500 Halloween trick-or-treaters each year.

All that changed Halloween night when more than 1,000 children, plus their parents, dogs and cars came to the only safe haven in town. Homeowners could not get to their homes because the crowds blocked the streets and driveways and made it especially dangerous for all concerned. The lack of police presence was irresponsible at best.

Although everyone behaved and had a fun evening, it was ridiculous to have scheduled an entire town's celebration that could only take place in one small area. It would have been much more prudent to move the festivities to a later date and allow us to continue offering friends a homemade meal, a hot shower, laundry facilities and a warm bed instead of handing out candy.

Rethink your decisions in the future, Mr. Joseloff.

Marilyn Mestel