Helen Garten is the best choice for first selectman. She is an extremely competent and compassionate individual and possesses the necessary experience to be a successful leader of our community.

I have worked with Helen over the past two years as a member of the RTM finance committee and have been impressed with her ability to incorporate her vast array of knowledge and skills into improving the fiscal awareness of our local government. She exhibits financial discipline and common sense, which is vital to Westport's future.

Helen's instinct is to encourage everyone to get involved. She is actually the reason why I ran for the RTM. I had called her with a general inquiry regarding our taxes, and the conversation ended with not only a good answer, but she had also motivated me to run for local office. Throughout my term on the RTM, I have watched her successfully lead the board of finance in making important decisions, especially regarding pensions and other post-employment benefits. Putting politics aside, Helen sticks to voting for what is right for our taxpayers.

Helen truly cares about the town, culture and people of Westport. She is an extremely hard worker and is active in every aspect of Westport life. I have the utmost confidence that as first selectman, Helen will lead Westport on a path to a bright future. Please join me and vote for Helen.

Gil Nathan

RTM District 9