I met Helen Garten a couple of years ago. I was among a group of Westporters working on an important environmental issue. Ms. Garten was, and still is, a member of the Board of Finance and was therefore unable to join our coalition.

I threw myself into this cause: enlightening residents, gathering petition signatures, attending countless RTM meetings, filing documents with the town clerk. Navigating the channels and byways of local government was sometimes confusing.

Whenever I asked Helen for guidance, she was accessible and incredibly knowledgeable -- always willing to help. If she didn't have the information I was seeking at her fingertips, she investigated and reported her findings cogently and in a timely manner.

Helen is a focused and diligent individual, she never drops the ball on projects, has keen insight and possesses natural integrity. She values Westport and wants to protect and enrich it. These are the qualities I want in a first selectman.

Eve Nadel Catarevas