I'm writing in support of Helen Garten and Melissa Kane for first and second selectmen to continue carrying forward the stewardship and healthy growth of our wonderful town of Westport. I've seen both work tirelessly for our town on numerous committees and volunteer activities.

Most specifically, I came to know Melissa during her time served on the Westport Library Board of Trustees, where we worked together as members of the development committee over many years until she joined the RTM. Melissa has strong values, a drive to succeed and a deep understanding of what it means to serve the needs of everyone in town. She's a wonderful listener and thoughtfully considers all aspects of issues before moving to form an opinion, although once convinced of the right course, she's very quick to take deliberate action and make wonderful things happen!

Helen and Melissa are an exceptional team for leadership of our town. Each has used her service in public office and private life to demonstrate the courage and independence to make Westport the very best it can be. Together, they present us a rare set of skills and values: wisdom to understand complex issues before us, patience to hear the facts, inclusiveness in hearing all opinions, integrity in assessing an issue completely and balanced judgment in finding the best direction forward. As leaders, I expect they would develop a town government that works better and more transparently for all of us.

Joe Pucci