Garten and Kane

tireless advocates

I enthusiastically endorse Helen Garten for first selectman and Melissa Kane for selectman. I have known Helen and Melissa for many years as neighbors, friends and as tireless and effective advocates for our community.

Helen Garten's leadership of the Board of Finance during the peak of the financial crisis was nothing short of heroic. Helen successfully led the board through what proved to be the most challenging financial period in Westport's history since the Great Depression. It's thanks to Helen's effective and thoughtful leadership that funding for the town's essential services remained intact, the town was able to reign in its budget, and maintain its AAA credit rating. Thanks to Helen's leadership, Westport enjoys a sure financial footing today. No other candidate in this race can claim these accomplishments.

Melissa Kane is a long-time resident of our community who has an intimate knowledge of our town. With children in our schools and parents in town, Melissa has a broad perspective on the needs of our community. Melissa has worked tirelessly for Westport. Melissa and I have worked together on behalf of the Westport Library, she serving on its board of trustees. Melissa has also served on the coard of Green Village Initiative and worked to advance its environmentally conscious mission. Melissa was elected to the RTM in 2011 with more votes than any other candidate. On the RTM, she has worked to advance the causes of gun control, ethics and preserving our cherished town institutions.

Vote Garten-Kane.

Candice Savin