What four candidates for the state legislature would work:

To increase job opportunities for recent graduates and residents and lower business taxes to encourage job growth?

To improve Metro-North's service and reliability while protecting the Special Transportation Fund and prioritizing our resources on I-95 and Metro-North?

To make Connecticut more affordable for our seniors and all hardworking taxpayers by lowering personal income taxes and energy costs?

To deliver the highest quality education for all of our children by investing in our schools and keeping the best teachers in the classroom?

The four Republican candidates who have proven they are for fiscal sanity, oppose tax and spend policies and understand the needs of the people who live in Westport.

Toni Boucher, Senate 26th District.

Tony Hwang, Senate 28th District.

Gail Lavielle, House 143rd District

Brandi Briggs, House 136th District.

All four are committed to returning fiscal sanity to the state while assuring money is spent where the needs are the greatest. They know how to prioritize.

They need your vote on Nov. 4. Vote the top line.

Judith G. Freedman