I am writing to thank for the Westport Fire Department, specifically Platoon 1 and Assistant Fire Chief Larry Conklin, for their fast response, skillfulness and dedication in putting out a fast-burning fire at my parents' house on the morning of March 27.

Platoon 1 responded within nine minutes of the start of the fire. Its quick response and skillfulness helped manage a massive fire and kept damage to a minimum. The Platoon 1 firefighters' dedication and professionalism helped ensure that my parents, a health care worker and all that were involved were safe and out of harm's way.

The days after the fire, the Westport Fire Chief, Andrew Kingsbury, and his staff were very supportive and kind to my family and made sure that we were doing well after the incident. We are very appreciative for all the work the fire department does to keep us safe, especially after a tragic incident like this.

We would like to thank all those who arrived at the scene for their ability to jump into action, work as a team, and get control of the situation in a very efficient manner. We would also like to thank the crews from the Fairfield Fire Department who stayed at the Westport fire headquarters when the fire was happening.

As a Westport native, I am grateful that the Fire Department provides such capable services to help protect our community.

Liz Fay Corcoran

Wellesley, Mass.