The Westport News included in its June 29th edition several fine stories and a Dan Woog column on downtown Wesport. For those many of us who have sought and worked for downtown revitalization, these recent developments are encouraging. There is so much that can be accomplished. As usual, Dan Woog is right on as he highlights a number of specifics and thoughtfully references the ongoing, intense work of Lou Gagliano and the Downtown 2020 Committee. Changes along the river frontage portion of Parker Harding Plaza, i.e. "more river, a little less parking," a footbridge from Gorham Island to Save the Children, new life and an extended boardwalk at and around National Hall, a movie theater or two, convincing David Waldman and his partners to do something really forward looking on Church Lane, also some new trees, nice sidewalks, tasteful lighting, integrating private and public parking lots (get rid of all those fences), then throw in the plans for the library and the Levitt, and consider a sensible use for the Imperial Avenue parking lot and even relocating the Police Station and converting the building to a series of small stores, then, if needed, add a really classy looking parking deck, with some public and private spaces, in the Baldwin Lot, and we will really be getting somewhere. While we are at it, lets get the Saugatuck River dredging project back on track, several folks are already working on that crucial item.

Yes, get involved, get enthusiastic. Plug into Lou Gagliano and the Downtown 2020 Committee, support the Downtown Merchants Association's efforts to think beyond parking, get interest in downtown to be on the lips of all of Westport, especially all candidates for elected office, next throw in some town assistance, and we can really get somewhere. Oh, yes, do not forget Saugatuck Center, lots going on there as well. The opportunities are abundant. Let's make it happen.

Don Bergmann