Having recently moved out of Westport, I still closely follow what happens in the town that's meant so much to my family. And that is why I'm proud to support Helen Garten and Melissa Kane to lead Westport into the future.

Helen needs little introduction. A law professor at Rutgers specializing in financial matters, she's been an RTM member, then a member of the Board of Finance where she became chairman. Under her leadership, the board finally made plans to take on the town's looming pension obligations. Always "the smartest kid in the room," she helped to lead Westport to the sound financial footing it is on today.

Melissa Kane, may be less known in town politics, but she's certainly known throughout the town. I first met Melissa as new member of the RTM, where she hit the ground running. A quick, intelligent study, Melissa became one of the members who other members listened to. Digging into the issues, RTM members know she is thoughtful and respect her opinions.

Her prior involvement as a trustee of the library, vice-chair of the Green Village Initiative and other volunteer positions shows her dedication to Westport.

As RTM moderator I got a chance to work closely with all the candidates for selectman. While their opponents are certainly well meaning, there is no doubt that if I still lived in Westport I'd be enthusiastically voting for Helen Garten and Melissa Kane. I hope you'll do the same.

Hadley Rose