I am extremely pleased Lisa Wexler is seeking election as probate judge. I strongly encourage you to vote for Lisa Wexler on Election Day. I have known Lisa professionally and personally for more than 20 years, and she is extremely bright, well educated, compassionate, an exceptional lawyer, and her life experience demonstrates her profound commitment to the public good and the practical needs of real people.

As a Democrat and former State Representative, I am pleased to support Republican candidate Lisa Wexler because she shares my values by exercising independent judgment, putting the public's interest above the pressures of political ideology and partisan politics. Lisa already has a real track record as an elected official in Westport as having always put the public's interest first. She has performed her public duties with exceptional thoughtfulness, intellect, independence and integrity.

Lisa Wexler is a fine and talented person who is incorruptible.

I have worked with Lisa Wexler on various matters over 20 years, and I trust her implicitly. You can trust Lisa Wexler, as well, with the extremely important job of probate judge.

I encourage you to vote for Lisa Wexler on Election Day. We need more people like Lisa Wexler in elective office.

Thomas J. Drew