Having served as second selectman from 1989 to 1993, I am familiar with the roles and duties performed in the selectman's office. I am ecstatic that both Jim Marpe and Avi Kaner are willing to serve as first and second selectman.

The first selectman is the chief executive officer of the town, while the second selectman serves in an advisory capacity. The Board of Selectmen, in addition to approving contracts, also serves on the Traffic Authority and Water Pollution Control Authority.

Good leaders make tough but fair decisionsby listening to all involved parties, researching and analyzing the problems, and then deciding what is best for Westport. Westporters are fortunate to be able to evaluate both Jim and Avi based upon their previous elected positions on the Boards of Education and Finance respectively. Jim and Avi have both conducted themselves in uniquely non-partisan manners while in leadership positions. Both have been generous in giving their time to numerous volunteer organizations and charities. They are proven leaders and very familiar with Westport and its complexities and potential.

In a time when it is often difficult to fill volunteer positions, it is remarkable that these two extremely competent people are willing to serve. If you have not met either of them, I hope you will take the timeto do so. I know you will be impressed and vote for Jim Marpe as first selectman and Avi Kaner as second selectman. Westporters should not miss the opportunity to elect this "dream team" and make a difference in town government!

Tammy Pincavage