We, the homeowners of The Reserve at Polar Plains, write in support of the pending application to modify the site plan for the development of our community.

When completed, The Reserve at Poplar Plains is to be a community of thirteen homes surrounded by the beautiful 35 acres of the Partrick Wetlands. It is an incredibly unique location in our town and it is why we have all chosen to invest in this area and call it home. Currently eight homes have been completed and are occupied by our families and in a very short period of time we have created a very close knit community. One of the common threads that we share is a deep level of respect and love for the environment and the natural beauty of the Partrick Wetlands. We have set up ramps along our roads so turtles can navigate their natural habitat, the coyotes are alive and well and they along with the other occupants of the wetlands live alongside us in harmony. The flora and fauna is beautiful every day and night of the year.

We recognize that there is a history to this site and much work has been done by all stakeholders to shape and sculpt the final plans for this area. This is not a McMansion development with 10,000-square-foot homes set upon two acres of land with swimming pools and tennis courts. Our homes range in size from 3,000 to 4,000 square feet and sit on sites that are less than ¼ of an acre that blend into the adjacent conservation area.

We understand that during the construction of four of our homes, earthwork was done to level the backyards. While the developer, Grassy Plains LLC received certain approvals to do the earthwork, Grassy Plains LLC did not apply to modify the site plan. They have now filed an application to modify this plan and if the application is denied, our level backyards as we know them, will disappear. This will create a safety issue for our children and a wetlands area.

The Westport Conservation Department (at the developer’s expense) has commissioned a report from an independent environmental expert. The report states that the earthwork that has taken place does not adversely impact adjacent wetlands and that the retaining wall and riprap installed by Grassy Plains LLC to stabilize the earthwork “will offer some protection for the wetlands by forming a physical barrier between residential activities and the wetland, while at the same time allowing more useable yard space and keeping people and pets out of the wetland.” Moreover, the report states that removing the earthwork “would likely cause more damage than leaving it in place.”

Certain concerned citizens are advocating that the earthwork be removed, because Grassy Plains LLC should have first applied to modify the site plan. They want to teach Grassy Plains LLC a lesson. These environmental advocates are willing to destroy our backyards and harm the environment for the sake of making a point.

Environmental stewardship requires reasoned advocacy based upon a full understanding of the facts. Those who oppose the application to modify the site plan appear to be intent on making a political statement at our expense and at the expense of the environment.

Tom Pajolek,


The Reserve at Poplar Plains Homeowners Association