An open letter to the Westport Planning and Zoning Commission and the Westport Board of Finance:

It is my opinion that public financing of a proposed downtown Westport plan as envisioned by an appointed group of Westport volunteers is inappropriate and beyond, improper.

Commerce is an important segment of the Westport community. It would probably be useful to that group to have the particulars of its ideas fully and clearly articulated for presentation to the town to persuade the town that its vision is consonant with the public interest.

However, making policy and generating and executing plans are responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Commission, a group elected by the town's citizens. I voted for members of the Planning and Zoning Commission who shared my vision of the town. Now it is their job to study and decide on plans that are presented by all the various groups.

Contributing any amount of municipal money to a plan coming from one specific private-interest group could be construed as the town's "buying in" to that plan -- a tacit endorsement of that plan, bestowing on it unmerited and illegitimate official status.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nina Streitfeld