As delighted as I am about the planned Westport Library expansion, I am not so sure about the design. In the small picture of the expansion published in the Westport News, it is difficult to see the design of the façade of the building. It looks like a huge aquarium stuck to the old building. Would it be possible to consider a more New England design for the façade?

We already made a mistake by allowing the golden glitter box on Gorham Island. And the original new library without windows looked like "Sing-Sing on the Saugatuck." Even the new Y has a questionable fortress look.

By contrast, the Gault family has rebuilt parts of Saugatuck with beautiful new buildings that totally reflect the New England style. We should do no less when it comes to the expansion of the library as well as for the proposed new Westport Arts Center building. That is my hope.

Hans Wilhelm