We would like to thank all of the volunteers who lent their support to help us achieve an overwhelming victory for our Democratic candidates on Nov. 6. We congratulate President Obama and Vice President Biden, Congressman Jim Himes, U.S. Sen. Christopher Murphy and State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg on their election. Although Carolanne Curry, our candidate for the State Senate and Ted Hoffstatter for the State Legislature did not succeed, they initiated a significant and much-needed discussion of the issues important to our town and to the State of Connecticut.

We would like to thank Dora and Burt Stuttman for their unwavering dedication to our efforts to get out the vote on Election Day. We also would like to acknowledge our appreciation to Democratic Town Committee Vice Chairwoman Cecile Newberg, Secretary Ed Marcantonio and members Debbie Rath and Joe Scordato who supervised our phone bank. Reaching out to voters makes all of the difference on Election Day.

Organizing an election is a huge and important job. It couldn't succeed without the hard work of our Democratic registrar of voters, Marla Cowden; Republican registrar, Bob Losprogato; service assistant John Sabito; and our townclerk, Patty Strauss. Along with the help of their extraordinary staff members the election was a smooth and efficient process.

But most importantly we want to thank the voters of Westport. Ultimately, it was the residents of Westport who evaluated the candidates and made decisions on Election Day. We believe that it is our responsibility to reach out and provide the necessary information to help voters make an educated decision. We hope we helped guide people during that process.

As one of the seven members of The Electoral College for the State of Connecticut it will be my honor to cast my vote for President Obama and Vice President Biden on Dec. 17.

Jim Ezzes, chairman

Westport Democratic Town Committee