Letter: Democrats hypocritical on state budget

Comments to state Rep. Jonathan Steinberg,

I am a lifelong Westport resident, third generation, and at one time was pleased to be living in a low tax, vibrant state. As an aside, I vote for the person rather than a straight party ticket, but since the Democrats have taken power in this state, I'm finding that the opposition party has been getting my votes! The latest attempt by the Democrats to raise taxes, contrary to their promises is the height of political hypocrisy!

I do not want to be forced out of my home state by the Democrats’ ridiculous spending and blind loyalty to the greedy public unions. My children have all chosen to live elsewhere in other states, mainly because of the high cost of living in Fairfield County and lack of opportunity.

Under you and your fellow Democrats, my lifelong state is at the bottom of the list in most all financial and quality of life metrics.

I hope that you can show some courage and vote against your party bosses for the future benefits to the taxpayers of Connecticut.

Thomas J. Ziobro