Pedestrian traffic safety can only result from the combined efforts of pedestrians and drivers. The planned pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Post Road and Bulkley Avenue near Shake Shack to be most effective should include "pedestrian countdown signals," which display to pedestrians time left for crossing the roadway. This technology has been used effectively for years in communities throughout the nation. The incremental cost is minimal in comparison to the announced $50,000 cost for the new cross walk installation.

The countdown signal technology has substantially reduced pedestrian traffic entering the crosswalk on flashing red signals; reduced the number of pedestrians still in crosswalks when signals turn red; and has significantly reduced pedestrian/vehicle conflicts. It provides all pedestrians, especially adults with small children and senior citizens, important additional information to determine whether it is safe to enter the crosswalk.

Effective traffic safety solutions utilizing the latest technologies, combined with compliance by pedestrians and vehicle operators, would significantly reduce, if not eliminate, pedestrian/vehicle traffic accidents in Westport. Focusing on solutions and compliance, rather than recriminations and criticisms, will best further the goal of everyone in our community.

B.T. Fried