Year after year, by summers end the condition of the Longshore Golf Course is not only unplayable, but deplorable and embarrassing. And without fail, course superintendent Dan Rackliffe is re-hired to do the same thing all over again next year.

I, for one, would like to know how this is possible. And believe me, there are 200-plus golfers I know personally who wonder the same thing. Yet, our first selectman and our parks and recreation director seem oblivious to the fact.

The greens have been lost again this summer while the surrounding public courses in the area are all in great shape and perfectly playable. The latest at Longshore is the burned-out tees from spraying for crabgrass and, now, the greens being aerated in August. How does the town expect anyone to want to pay money to play a golf course in such deplorable condition?

Maybe this, and not the economy, is the reason the number of rounds played each summer at Longshore has been decreasing. Longshore is a jewel of Westport and it should be treated that way. But under the watch of the first selectman, the parks and recreation director and, most importantly, the superintendent, this simply hasn't been the case for too long now.

I would love to hear anyone give the golfers of Westport an explanation. Its time for a new superintendent who knows what he is doing.

John Siddell