So another deeply disturbed young man walks into a house. He shoots two people and then burns down the house. That was not enough.

He car-jacks a vehicle. He shoots at buildings and people on the street randomly. He goes to the campus of Santa Monica College and shoots some more people. (The New York Times, June 8.)

I went online this morning. At Walmart, you or I can buy 30-round magazines of ammunition for the AR-15 automatic rifle. Easy!

Whether the shooter bought the ammunition online or at a store is not the point. These clips are available all over the country. A student at the college library said "There were hundreds of rounds of clips laying on the floor." According to a news report, the shooter had 1,300 rounds of ammunition on him. Mass slaughter?

So far, seven dead plus the shooter. Many wounded. Keep posted, there may be more deaths among the injured. What disability will the survivors have to live with all their lives?

I now wish I had gone to jail because of the BB gun at the RTM meeting. [The writer was charged with breach of peace after she brought a BB rifle, BB pellets and a box of .45 caliber ammunition to an RTM meeting Jan. 8. She later pled guilty to a reduced charge of creating a public disturbance and was fined $50.]

More great publicity! "An 86 year old Grandma sent to jail because of a legal purchase of ammunition and a `toy' BB gun." I am sure the National Rifle Association would have come to my defense.

There has been some talk about ammunition control lately. And it is obvious why we desperately need it. No one should be allowed to purchase these lethal clips without a thorough background and mental-health check. Connecticut may be among the few states thinking about controlling ammunition.

But we have to do more than talk here in Connecticut. We have to make this a national issue. Otherwise neighboring states can be easily accessible and provide the ammo to anyone who wants it. This insane killing must stop.

The bullets in those 30-round clips killed those people. A gun without bullets is a toy!

Estelle T. Margolis