I am a little confused about the need for a new Town Plan that we keep hearing about. We residents are being asked for input. I suspect what is going to happen is going to happen, no matter what the residents think.

When I first moved to Westport it was a town. There were two grocery stores on Main Street, drug stores, a general store, a hardware store, a pizzeria, two book stores, and clothing stores, as well as the YMCA, all right in the center of town.

As I understand it, there are developers from White Plains and New York City, all standing in line to "improve" our town.

It seems to me that the changes in our town over the years have left us with less town and more mall. Perhaps the plan would help the developers, investors and the landlords whose first interest, in my not-so-humble opinion, is lining their own pockets with more money. But I do not think there will be much, if any, advantage for the residents.

Eloise Peterson