As Westport natives, we heartily agree with Mike Calise's letter to the editor in the Westport News ("Speak up before Compo is ruined," April 4). As the late resident Robert Travers commented when issues surfaced in the name of improvement, sometimes it is better to "leave it lay."

We'd like to suggest that the newspapers print a recent copy of the draft plan map so people can see the changes that are being proposed. We looked online and were not able to find a copy of the proposed plan map on the town website. This led to several concerns.

Under the new plan proposed by the Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee, how would senior citizens with limited mobility get from their cars to the beach? How would those who can drive to the beach on their own can't walk far be able to see the beach and the beauty of Long Island Sound? Would they need assistance to get from interior parking to the beach?

How would the many people who like to sit in their cars, beachside, and enjoy the beautiful views of Long Island Sound on cold or blustery days be able to continue doing this? Would families with young children have to walk long distances to get to the beach? It seems that the beach could become less accessible under the proposed plan.

Traffic friendly is often not pedestrian friendly, senior citizen friendly or friendly to families with small children. We hope the committee will make this plan people friendly for everyone, young and old. Please contact your Westport Selectmen's office at 203-341-1111 to let them know your concerns.

Janet Aley


Jennifer Aley

Silver Spring, Md.