My Jan. 9 "The Light Touch" column -- "Losing my head over a trim, not a haircut, at the salon" -- unfortunately was misconstrued by several clients of the Paul Albert Salon as serious commentary. They brought this to the attention of its owner, Paul, who subsequently notified me.

Regular readers of my column are aware that "The Light Touch" is a humorous/reflective column, and never is it my intention to insult or demean.

Writing a column carries with it both privilege and responsibility and never allows for self-indulgence at anyone's expense. Most of my readers understand my style of humor, and know not to take everything I write as the gospel. But in writing satire, there is always a bit of poking fun and tweaking that comes into play. My take is simply to amuse, and very rarely do I step on someone's toes. Unfortunately and unintentionally, I did so in writing about the salon.

The Paul Albert Salon is one of the finest full-service salons in Westport. My hairdresser there, Robert, does exemplary work, and he has been in charge of my hair maintenance for more than 30 year. Similarly, Paul is a person of integrity and professionalism of the highest order. He is one of the nicest people I have ever known. His job, first and foremost, is to cater to the needs of his clients, which he does with great fastidiousness and aplomb coupled with a real sense of style and class. Similarly, his staff comprises people who follow suit. They are courteous and caring and provide the necessary amenities that make the Paul Albert Salon experience relaxed and memorable.

I wish to apologize to Paul and to anyone who took umbrage with my column. Personally, I meant no harm, but also understand that the Paul Albert Salon has a reputation to uphold, and if I played even a small part in tarnishing that in any way, I am profoundly sorry.

Judith Marks-White