I support the Coalition for Westport and urge all Westporters to vote for its three candidates for Planning and Zoning Commission -- Glenn Payne, David Press and Denise Torve. The coalition is nonpartisan and represents the best opportunity for our town to grow in a manner that benefits all Westporters. Payne, an unaffiliated voter, Press, a former Republican, and Torve, a registered Democrat, would foster open discussions about projects and improvements that would enrich Westport's unique character and quality of life.

Although I strongly endorse all three candidates, Denise Torve is a personal friend and colleague. I've seen at close hand her creative thought process, positive energy and her willingness to work hard to achieve the best results possible. She is always ready to refine and develop her ideas in consultation with others, and her long-term organizational leadership experience in Australia, Los Angeles and Westport has made her particularly open to new ideas. Most importantly, Denise has a strong commitment to Westport and to its continued growth and enhancement as a vibrant town for its residents.

Melissa Diamond