The Coalition for Westport and its candidates for Planning and Zoning Commission -- David Press, Denise Torve and Glenn Payne -- congratulate Democratic/Save Westport Now candidates Hodge, Lessing and Vebell on their victory Tuesday.

The campaign was vigorous, and we hope that the issues raised will inspire the winners during their terms in office.

Thank you to all who supported the Coalition and its candidates. We appreciate your thoughtful analysis of the issues, and gratified that you believe in our positions.

The Coalition has existed for less than one year. In that time it has garnered much support and, based on its vote tally, a clear mandate for its positions. To achieve close to 25 percent of the total vote and to outpoll the other Westport minor party is a major accomplishment. The Coalition is now an official minor party, and it is the intention of those who built it from the ground up to be a continuing force on the political scene.

The nonpartisan Coalition is concerned with ideas and what is best for Westport. It is not a one issue entity and will unhesitatingly make its positions known in the future.

Michael Nayor, chairman

Coalition for Westport