For many years, I have been offended and appalled to hear misinformation, untruths, and slurs and offensive bashing of the Catholic Church bashing from TV personalities. The following truths have never been uttered by Bill Mayer, David Letterman, Jay Leno or Don Imus:

1) The Catholic Church gives away to the needy of the world more money, goods and services, than all the governments of the world, the USA included, combined!

2) The Catholic Church founded and developed the university system we use to this day.

3) The Catholic Church founded the world's first hospital system, used to this day around the world.

4) Pope Eugene IV in 1435 issued a papal edict declaring automatic excommunication worldwide for any Catholic involved with slavery. This edict condemning slavery was issued more than 400 years before Abraham Lincoln.

If you don't believe me, as Casey Stengel often said, "You could look it up."

Anthony Gilbertie