Reading the robust defense of Ann Romney by Michelle and Barak Obama, it was a pleasure to take a break from negative political comentary for a moment. She is by all accounts a wonderful person, and people of both parties were put off by the offensive remarks made about her.

It all made me realize how fortunate we are to have two such fine candidates for the Presidency this year. These are both men of character, education and skill who married strong women and are committed to their families. That tells you a lot about a person.

We all have our preferences between the candidates in terms of their political philosophy and approach to governing, but let's agree that Messrs. Obama and Romney are sincere in their beliefs and truly want the best for our nation. In addition, I would be proud to have either one represent us in the world. For all its unattractiveness, our selection process for Presidential candidates seems to be working pretty well.

Alan Eugley