I urge all Westporters to vote on Nov. 4 for Brandi Briggs for state representative. Connecticut needs a change in direction -- we cannot continue on our current path of one-party rule, fiscal recklessness and economic stagnation. We need new leaders in Hartford who will support pro-growth policies to ensure Connecticut will be successful for the future. Brandi has the right principles, experience, and skills to do the job.

Brandi will work across party lines to get things done, and she is the only candidate in the race to win the endorsement of the state's Independent party. She is an attorney, a mother, a community volunteer, and a true problem solver. Brandi is dedicated to working on behalf of Westport and fighting for the interests of our community. She would be a leader in Hartford on the issues that matter most: transportation, taxes, education, and jobs.

I have known Brandi for several years and I have been incredibly impressed with her commitment to our town, her unparalleled work ethic, and her innate ability to connect with others. I am proud to support her for state representative and I encourage all Westporters to vote for Brandi Briggs on Nov. 4.

Karen Hess