For the past 38 years, Democrats have controlled the General Assembly, and as a result, Connecticut has had the dubious distinction of being in the lowest tier of economic growth among states for the past several years.

Even before the economic crisis of 2008, our state's tax structure resulted in a 2.2 percent decline in small businesses, which account for half of the Connecticut's private-sector jobs. Connecticut has the highest per-capita debt load of any state, and despite a $1.8 billion tax increase enacted by the General Assembly, the largest in the state's history, a balanced budget was achieved only after $6 billion of Medicaid spending was moved off-budget. Spending remains out of control.

Albert Einstein is credited with the oft-quoted definition of insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Isn't it time we sent representatives to Hartford who have some fresh ideas and put an end to the tax-and-spend dominance of the Democrat-controlled legislature? Brandi Briggs has put forth a number of new ideas that have resonated with voters. She certainly will get my vote on Nov. 4.

Peter Thorner