I ask voters to support a good friend and an even better candidate to represent Westport's 136th district in the state legislature. One-party rule has not worked for Connecticut. Connecticut has unfortunately become a leader in all the wrong categories. CNBC reported that Connecticut is 49th in economic development, while we enjoy the third highest cost of living in the nation. Of course, if you've driven on I-95, or ridden on Metro-North recently, you didn't need a White House study to tell you that Connecticut has some of the worst roads and bridges in the nation.

Of course, the Democrats that control Hartford want you to believe that they will suddenly find the answers and reverse course. The same politicians who continually raid the states "special transportation fund" to fill budget shortfalls still claim to have the solutions for our crumbling infrastructure.

Its time to send a fresh voice to Hartford. That voice belongs to Brandi Briggs. An accomplished attorney, mother of three, as well as community volunteer and RTM member. Brandi is dedicated to seeing that Connecticut become the place it should be. An affordable place to live, work and raise a family. A place were every child receives a quality education. A place that welcomes new businesses. She would represent all the people, not just the special interests of a few. So please this election day remember to vote for Brandi Briggs to represent Westport in the state legislature.

Tim Wetmore