The weekend of Nov. 10, the students in the Weston High School theater group under the direction of Damian Long put on a mesmerizing performance of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible." All of us in the area should be proud of the fine theater programs in our local schools, and I urge community support for them.

The challenges faced by the student actors in "The Crucible" were many. Not the least of which was the daunting task of recreating the seriousness of Miller's work, in which he portrayed the McCarthy-Senate witch hunt as the Salem witch hunt of the late 17th century. Then, on top of that, the students and their faculty had to deal with Hurricane Sandy, which disrupted their rehearsals in the weeks immediately before opening. These students worked diligently on their own and put on a spectacular, thought-provoking play. I needed to remind myself that the actors were high school students and not seasoned professionals.

Bravo to all.

Bruce Nemirow